Rapid Response Team

If you are experiencing a cybersecurity incident and need support, contact us.

24/7 hotline +48 570 005 006 [email protected]

RR TEAM key objective is to support organizations in handling cybersecurity incidents  efficiently and effectively.

Incident Response

RR TEAM provides assistance and advice with respect to the following aspects of cybersecurity incident management


Investigation whether an incident occurred • Extent and impact determination  • Root cause analysis  • Data breaches • Acquisition, preservation and analysis of digital evidence • Malware and TTPs analysis


Supervision, guidance and advisory to non-RR-TEAM professionals on incident handling • Facilitation of contact with competent authorities and other sites involved • Submission of further reports • Composition of announcements and shared situational awareness • Advisory on containment and mitigation 


Examination of the infected networks, systems and hosts • Vulnerability removement • Cleaning-up both with and without the systems reinstallation • Hardening  • Repair broken databases • Data Recovery • Restoration

Proactive Activities

Detailed descriptions of the below are available upon email request

Threat Intelligence

Tools Development

Intrusion Detection

Audits and Pentests



Ransomware Expert Team

Ransomware incidents are handled by a dedicated Ransomware Expert Team (RET) of the senior RR team members in cooperation with trusted third parties.

RET never gives up. It supports victims of crime – individuals and companies, persistently and with no hesitation to ensure the restoration of their networks, systems, and data. 

RET has the very field experience in resolving incidents that impact public health, welfare, and critical infrastructure. Handling them exceeded the capabilities of local and state authorities.


General Information

RR TEAM is a special VS DATA project, private and self funding entity.

Postal Address

Swietojanska 55/16 
81-391 Gdynia 


RR TEAM has a team member on duty 24/7/365. 

Telephone and Other Telecommunication

Mobile +48 570 005 006

Signal +48 570 005 006

Electronic Mail Address

[email protected]